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Free Consultation

Set-up a free consultation to talk with an attorney that specifically deals with the area of law you need. We’ll help you understand your options and our approach to your exact situation.  Learn More

Customized Plan to Suite Your Needs

After your questions are answered, consider hiring us! When you do, we’ll use our time together effectively. We’ll ask you to gather questions and documents needed to create and execute a plan for your life or business situation.  Learn More

Feel Confident in Your Future

Congrats! You didn’t just hire an attorney – you hired an ally. Should you ever experience a situation when you need an attorney again, don’t sweat it. Put our problem-solving talent to work again.  Learn More

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Before creating our plan, I would have anxiety and feel very overwhelmed by what I thought was going to be a long and complicated process. My wife and I have been talking about life planning since our first child was born, but I never had the proper information. Now that we have a plan, I feel so much better.”


Father of young family

“When you’re a business owner and you want to work with someone genuine, who explains legal-ease mumbo jumbo (cut through the muck) in understandable language – they’re reassuring and reliable. We feel like we’re family now.”

Sherri & John

Business Owners

We hired Daniel Timm to assist us in resolving a rather difficult real estate issue. He was very professional, responsive and proactive on our behalf. We are happy with the result he negotiated for us, and we would hire him again in a heartbeat.



Problem Solvers with Law Degrees

We’re a team of business owners with families, just like you. We can help you thrive.

Corporate Attorney

Life Planning Attorney

Business & Real Estate Attorney

Landlord/Tenant, Collections, Civil Litigation

Estate & Family Planning,     Elder Law, & Medicaid    


Marketing Director

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