Part II: Executing your Mission and Vision

Now you’ve got your mission and vision, what do you do with them? With your Mission and Vision, you can draw actionable goals, objectives, and tasks. When problems arise during your execution of those actionable items, your solutions can be found within your core values.

Goals objectives and tasks

Goals are on the border between Big Picture and Execution. These are the largest of your actionable steps, which usually take a great deal of time and/or money. Most importantly, your goals should align with your mission and vision. And if a goal doesn’t align, then don’t waste your time on that goal.

For example, your mission statement is: We offer high-quality manufactured widgets at low costs to small businesses within the northern Indiana. Your vision statement is: We seek to be the main manufacturer of all widgets and widget related products for every small business in northern Indiana. Based on this mission and vision, doubling your manufacturing quantity this year or decreasing defects by 50% within a year may be significant goals. You would probably not have expanding your operations to gadgets as one of your goals (unless it makes sense for your business).

Your objectives are a checklist of sorts that must be completed in order to fulfill your goal. Consequently, your objectives may or may not have to be accomplished in chronological order. More specifically, tasks are like mini-objectives that usually need to be accomplished in a particular order. Back to the widgets goal: double your manufacturing quantity this year. Therefore, your objectives may be to: Hire a new employee and/or purchase an additional widget-producing machine. In order to hire a new employee, you usually have tasks that must be achieved, such as creating a job post, reviewing applications, interviewing, and training (which would have to be completed in that order).

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