Entrepreneurs with Law Degrees

Your Profits

We provide practical, effective strategies that protect your profits and minimize risk, so you can stay focused on  growing your business. 

For established businesses we can provide Outsourced In-House Counsel or we offer step-by-step, customized plans for new businesses.

Our experience includes contracts, intellectual property, LLC formation, operating agreements, trademarks, copywriting, partnership agreements, employment issues including non-compete disclosures, and buying or selling businesses too.

Three Steps to Win & Thrive in Business

Free Consultation

Set-up a free consultation to talk with an attorney that specifically deals with the area of law you need. We’ll help you understand your options and our approach to your exact situation.  Learn More

Customized Plan to Suite Your Needs

After your questions are answered, consider hiring us! When you do, we’ll use our time together effectively. We’ll ask you to gather questions and documents needed to create and execute a plan for your life or business situation.  Learn More

Feel Confident in Your Future

Congrats! You didn’t just hire an attorney – you hired an ally. Should you ever experience a situation when you need an attorney again, don’t sweat it. Put our problem-solving talent to work again.  Learn More

Growing Your Business is Our Business

We can help align effective strategies with your business goals.

Integrated Counsel

Decrease your costs and increase your expertise when you choose to our Outsourced In-House Counsel.

Protecting Profits

Get ahead with a clear business plan, market evaluation, forecast and other insights your investors require.

Business Contracts

Don’t put your business at risk. We can review a contract for you or create an original document.

Intellectual Property

Do it right. Protect your creativity and your bottom line when you apply for a patent, trademark, or copyright. 

Lending & Financing

Leverage outside dollars with a customized plan to grow your business and its impact.

Strategy & Growth

Don’t go it alone. Fast-track your growth when you apply wisdom and insight from our client experiences.

Our Promise to Business Owners

We’re Problem Solvers with Law Degrees

We’re a team of experienced business owners with families, just like you. We understand what’s at risk and we know what it takes to help you thrive.

Hiring a Small, Local Firm Means You’ll Get a Return Call

When you need answers, you need them yesterday. We get that. We won’t push off your call to an inexperienced intern or answering service. We’ll speak to you directly. 

We Offer Upfront, Common Sense Fees

We offer fair and transparent fees for all clients. For established businesses who want additional savings, ask about our Integrated,  Outsourced Counsel.